Transformation: PATIENCE

PATIENCE   What is patience? Patience is the mind that remains undisturbed when we experience pain or suffering. It’s an undisturbed and calm state of mind that can tolerate the situation peacefully. The Chrysalis In the previous Transformation post about Needing a Change, I mentioned a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly; this is known as metamorphosis[…]

Transformation: The NEED for a Change

The NEED for a CHANGE Yesterday, I talked about having the desire for a transformation and how we crave something more. How we become better and be that person that God has called us to be. And I talked about how we follow these REAL people who’ve had those outward physical transformations and seeing them,[…]

Transformation Part 1

How to Transform YOUR Life Part 1: Introduction   There are people out there who have the desire for a Transformation. This person may workout, eat right, post on social media, and people around them see that change and become inspired by them. When you see that they’ve had that transformation, you see that their lives are being[…]